How it all got started…


✨My name is Julie and I’m the owner/creator of Syd & Rye Treats! ✨✨✨

The name is inspired by my kids.. Sydney and Riley who love to create and bake with me! For Sydney’s 4th birthday party we baked cookies and the kids LOVED the decorating aspect. I gave every kid a piece of dough and cookie cutters. It was kind of a disaster, and the kids were impatiently waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven… but they LOVED the decorating aspect. I knew that I had to play with the concept and create stylish -and imaginative DIY Cookie Decorating parties and DIY Kits! 

The parties and kits today are setup to make the DIY designing as easy as possible! The cookies come ready to go ( Baked!) in your chosen shapes. The royal icing comes in super vibrant colors, and easy squeeze bottles for little mess. Topping and sprinkles are always fun and are curated to match the theme.


I LOVE the parties and seeing the creativity that is unleased with a little bit of frosting, edible glitter and fun toppings and of course the unique cookie shapes ! ✨✨✨✨

This is my 2nd career… I have a background in the fashion world. I loved my career working in the product development world at Ralph Lauren and other fun fashion brands. After I started having kids, I needed a creative outlet and starting looking into creating a business from a passionate hobby.

I am passionate about Sid & Rye Treats and love all the creative that goes into this business!

We are available for an event you can think of… birthday parties, Galentine’s Day, holiday parties, party books and holiday boutiques.

Feel free to email me any questions


Julie Himelstein

owner and creator

Sid & Rye Treats