Sid & Rye Treats was created by Julie Himelstein. Formerly a Product Development Manager for Ralph Lauren, Julie was looking for the next creative adventure while raising 2 small children.  Inspired by cooking and baking with her girls  Sydney and Riley, Julie wanted to bring a  creative artistic concept  into the kitchen. 

Design parties include Luscious vanilla butter cookies (other flavors available too) are brought to the party ready to decorate. Choose from a variety of cookie shapes and custom shapes are available by request. Royal icing in vibrant colors are placed in easy squeeze bottles for decorating. Paint brushes and art palettes are also an option to make it instantly become "a cookie design party".  Every color sprinkles and topping imaginable are bought to the party. This is the perfect activity  for a birthday party, after school playdate, girls night, baby shower, bachlorettes... your options are endless. 

Looking for an after school activity or having a small family get together? Our DIY design boxes are perfect.  We current holiday boxes as well as custom themed boxes. Boxes include 8-10 cookies, 2 bottles of icing, sprinkles, sprinkle palette and a mini spatula to get your design game on. 


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